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The motorcycling industry is seeing a rapid change with technological advances in augmented reality, protective gear and the bike itself creating a safer and more seamless riding experience.

​Carole Nash, recently voted the UK’s favourite and best motorcycle insurance broker, has delved deep into the world of motorcycling innovation to create a three-dimensional digital model that shows what motorbikes could look like in future.

The model features a streamlined design fitted with several technologies to increase safety, including safer turn technology, blind spot technology, laser lighting and emergency call systems.

Some of these technologies are already available while others are in still in the design and planning stage.

BMW’s laserlight technology aims to both improve riders’ vision and visibility, reducing the likelihood of accidents and collisions, and its patented emergency call system has the ability to make an emergency call when a high-speed crash is detected.

As technology progresses, motorbike engines will become greener in line with countries’ worldwide pledging to reduce carbon emissions. The industry is already seeing leading brands explore this area, with both Harley-Davidson and Honda recently developing motorbikes which run on electricity instead of petrol.

Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer at Triumph Motorcycles said: “The motorcycle market is seeing a period of rapid development at the moment as new products have become the main driver of sales. The marketplace is very competitive, with all of the manufacturers working hard to introduce new technology whilst trying to create some differentiation with the competition. At the same time we are working to make improvements on emissions, fuel economy and safety whilst being careful not to detract from the riding experience.”

“The biggest challenge is to incorporate existing technology, and develop new systems, in a way that the customer appreciates. Ultimately, a motorcycle needs to connect with your soul before it connects to your phone.”

Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing at Carole Nash, said: “It is encouraging to see that so many companies are already taking motorcyclists’ safety so seriously by investing in smart technologies which will help reduce fatalities.

“Seeing these changes come around makes it an exciting time to be in the motorcycling industry. As more leading companies like Harley-Davidson invest time and money in developing new technology, we can expect the rate of adoption to increase as even more companies fight to get a part of the action.”

Tech enables riders to use their phone in a safe manner; Yamaha and Samsung are working on a smart windshield which can link to a smartphone and allow the rider to view calls, maps and messages without obstructing their view of the road, although safety must be the priority here.

Motorcycling accessories have evolved to improve riders’ safety; smart augmented reality helmets, featuring a blind spot camera and heads-up display, will allow riders to check their speed, directions and blind spot without the need to take their eyes off the road. Meanwhile, airbag leathers, such as the Alpinestars Tech-Air™ which predict a riders’ impact before an accident develops using on-body sensors to help stabilise the body, will become more widely spread and reduce the likelihood of fatality upon impact.

Another feature that is becoming more mainstream is security marking on motorcycles. Carole Nash supplies all policyholders with a DNA+ kit, a technology which leaves a mark unique to your bike making it easily detected by the police should it be stolen. The kit includes a special warning sticker which riders apply to their bike which aims to deter thieves. Find out more here:

Full information on the future of motorcycling, along with the full design visualisation, can be found on the Carole Nash website here:


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