Back in 2013 BIKESYSTEMS launched the world’s first motorbike Head Up Display system, BIKEHUD – and now the next generation BIKEHUD’s gearing up for official release.

Speaking about BIKEHUD, founder Dave Vout said: “Our first BIKEHUD was very much an early-adopter product. We wanted to put so much more into the product, but back in 2011 (when the first prototype was created) technology was much more restrictive and much more expensive. But that didn’t stop us – and as a result, the original BIKEHUD developed quite a cult following. In fact, one New Zealander rode across New Zealand, Australia and the USA wearing one.

“The original unit was a chance for us to get the concept out there – and over the next few years, we received a huge amount of feedback from customers right across the world. There were three main suggestions that kept cropping up. Firstly, the monocle needed to be smaller. Secondly, the system needed a rear-view camera. And finally, it needed to be really simple to use. So that’s what we’ve done – taking on board the feedback to create the next generation BIKEHUD.”


The new BIKEHUD has been built around those three key requirements, utilising the latest technology to create what BIKEHUD believes will become the first motorcycle Heads Up Display for the mainstream.

But why is the new BIKEHUD special?

1.            Size. Sporting a tiny 8mm screen the monocle is about the size of your little finger. As previous, speed is colour coded and the focus is set at infinity. The multi-adjustable arm allows you to set the unit just under your left or right eye, so the image appears around 2 metres to one side of your front wheel. It’s close enough for your forward vision to see with the blink of an eye but won’t cause distraction. In fact, its positioning is almost exactly where car HUD’s are located and in-line with industry automotive recommendations.


2.            Camera. The rear-view camera provides a continuous – live feed. It provides a better view behind than a conventional car mirror. Mounted on the bike there is an ultra-low latency wireless connection that means you ALWAYS know what’s happening behind you regardless of where your helmet is pointing.

3.            Simplicity. Now THAT’s a little more difficult to categorise. One mans ‘simple’ is another man’s ‘restrictive’. So we’ve made BIKEHUD scalable. If you purchase the BIKEHUD ‘core’, the product is all setup to offer rear-view and speed information without the need to connect to another device. Batteries mean there is no installation to worry about and the whole thing ‘just works’! If you want an even more sophisticated setup, you can link the device up to your phone using the BIKEHUD app and receive GPS navigation information. But that’s not all. You can even link the gadget directly to your bike – and receive revs, fuel and gear information right in front of your eyes. Oh and there are NO buttons, NO helmet tapping and DEFINITELY no talking required to distract you from your ride.

With shipping set for December 2019, the new BIKEHUD system is available for advance-purchase NOW. For more information, and to get your hands on one of the first new models, click HERE to visit the BIKEHUD website, and HERE to visit the crowdfunding page.


Tony Carter

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