Still on the comedown from all those festivities? The fun doesn’t have to stop yet. Perhaps you’re disappointed you didn’t get that helmet, bike or part you were asking for, or you’re just looking to spend some of that Christmas cash you got from your distant relatives.

Luckily, MoreBikes have a great selection of motorcycle and scooter products for you to get your 2020 into gear…

Side-stand support with Thunderfoot North West…

Price: £9.99


This is an essential piece of kit that solves a problem most motorcyclists will have encountered before – How to pick the puck off the ground after you’ve taken your bike off its side-stand?

The Thunderfoot is the worlds first retractable reeled side-stand puck, making it the easiest puck to retrieve from the ground after use.

You can use this handy tool on any height and weight of motorcycle, so it’s ideal for touring riders; rally goers; on the infield at your favourite circuit and for the older, less flexible riders among us. 


After the cord has been deployed and fastened to the handlebar using the soft silicone loop it will automatically retract when you lift the bike’s weight off the side-stand. This saves you having to balance your heavy bike whilst trying to retrieve it and prevent the possibility of dropping your pride and joy. 

Get it here: 

Fantastic quality from The Carbon King…

Price: £149.99


The Carbon King is one of the largest Carbon Fibre suppliers in the UK and their line of Carbon Fibre products are made to the Highest Standards possible, with durability, fitment and quality in mind – all offered at affordable prices.

The same applies to their 2019 BMW S1000RR front mudguard. Handmade using steel moulds and cured in an autoclave oven, the result is a strong and lightweight product. You can’t go wrong with this part.

It’s made from 2mm 3K twill and 100% pure Carbon Fibre, finished in a UV resistant, deep gloss lacquer, all polished by hand. You can pop this onto your bike easily as all holes are pre-drilled.

The Carbon King have supplied many race teams and riders with quality, tried and tested parts, so you’re guaranteed to be impressed with this mudguard.

Get it here:

Tubby Tyre: It’s The One Everyone Wants…

Price: From £1,450

These scooters from Tubby Tyre Scooter Company are great fun to ride, and despite their oversized ‘Tubby’ tyres and their fussless design, they are fully UK road-legal.

There’s three versions in the range. ‘The One Everyone Wants,’ a mid-version called ‘The Basic One’ and the entry version, ‘The No-Road One,’ intended, as the name suggests, to be used away from public roads, on private land. Wherever you go, you’ll be whizzing around on one of the UK’s coolest road-legal electric scooters.

All scooters are powered by a 1kW rear hub motor, allowing them to accelerate quickly to a top speed of around 28mph, while the battery will last for approximately 30 miles and it’ll conveniently recharge overnight using a standard UK socket.

The company guarantees peace-of-mind with its 12-month comprehensive warranty and on-going package of customer support. They can also arrange a test ride on request. If you’re after more information on this cool range of electric scooters, visit their site.

Get it here:

Packing a punch with Power Bikes

Price: £4,495.00

How many vehicles out there look as cool as this, are fun to ride, free to tax, don’t take petrol and accelerate like a child in a sweet shop? Not many!

The Sur-ron comes in two guises – Off road and road legal. This being the road-legal version, it is restricted to 30mph to comply with category L1e for mopeds. It may not have the highest top speed but it’s plenty fast enough for blasting around town and the occasional bit of off-road fun! A road tax-free and extremely fun mode of transport!

Being electric you have 100% peak torque immediately from zero rpm. Combined with its weight or lack thereof, these bikes can shift.

Who knew going green could be so fun? Zero emissions, no fuel, fill up at home (plug it in) and virtually silent. You’ll be tearing up the trails while saving the planet.

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Even more from MoreBikes…

Price: £15

There’s a fresh new look for the world’s biggest motorcycle monthly… and we’re making it even easier for new riders to get on two wheels too.

From this month the new publication MoreBikes combines the very best of MotorCycle Monthly as well as its sister title On2Wheels – the paper made specifically for those who want to get into motorcycling, return to it, or stay on smaller capacity machines.

The new publication will complement our huge website – already firmly established as a leading online destination with tens of thousands of subscribers, millions of views and a site which leads the way, often breaking the biggest stories in the sector.

MoreBikes is a free-to-read newspaper, and for just the price of postage, you can have it delivered straight to your door every month.

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