There’s nothing ordinary about the Low Rider S, a machine with styling that represents a modern take on the iconic Low Rider motorcycles of the 1980s SoCal cruiser scene.

Its blacked out styling underpins the aggressive stance realised by the 1in (25.4mm) diameter motocross-style handlebar mounted high on 4in risers. A speed screen nacelle fairing complements the look, which also happens to do a good job of deflecting passing air when the road ahead opens up.

Thanks to the Milwaukee-Eight 114cu in (1868cc) engine, performance is a given, meaning that overtakes are swift and sure. Making the most of the Big-Twin engine is a Softail chassis tuned to give a fuss-free ride at any speed, on any road.


There is, however, another equally likeable side to the Low Rider S. It’s just as capable of delivering refined cruising to suit any mood or riding conditions thanks to precise fuel-injection, modern electronics and running gear. The rigid tubular steel Low Rider S frame has 2° less steering rake than its Softail family members. The end result is sharp, quick, precise steering.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S stationary

Coupled with inverted sports-derived front fork suspension and a tried and trusted rear monoshock, every twist and turn of tarmac soon becomes a distant memory. On the odd occasion when riding fun is interrupted, the ABS-assisted twin front brake set-up nails stopping in a very reactive and powerful way.

As with the rest of the Softail family, the Low Rider S is as striking at standstill as it is when carving up traffic straight out of the crate. But with almost limitless parts options each machine can be customised for a truly unique style.


To experience what makes the Low Rider S the purest factory-produced custom-bruiser available today or to discuss customisation opportunities, find your local Harley-Davidson dealer at

Living for the road

If there’s one Harley-Davidson motorcycle that blends the company’s 117-year heritage with modern technology and construction, the FXDR 114 has to be it.

Harley-Davidson has dominated the racing scene for decades, with board racing, flat track, long distance marathons and drag racing titles all being secured.


FXDR 114 pays homage to Harley-Davidson’s drag strip success – not just from the raked out chassis, stretched forward riding position, stretched slender fuel tank and solo seat, but also from the use of the latest Big-Twin engine.

FXDR 114 ridden by a motorcyclist

The Milwaukee-Eight 114cu in  (1868cc) engine is a serious piece of kit that lives and breathes performance; the extra-large

freer-breathing air intake filter and upswept 2-1 exhaust combine to deliver spirited performance the moment the clutch lever is dropped. Just how spirited depends on how much torque (160Nm / 118lb-ft) and horsepower (95PS) you dial in… and where! Let’s just say stop-go starts are as eye-opening as any morning coffee rush.

While the Harley-Davidson Big-Twin engine grunt is already legendary, an all-new chassis package for the FXDR 114 is making a mark on the future. The Softail frame is raked long and low to help maintain contact between the massive 240-section rear tyre and the road surface.

Performance gets a boost with the use of a lightweight cast aluminium swingarm and all-aluminium subframe, while the solid Ace cast ally rear wheel, complete with laser etched graphics, adds to the styling.

FXDR 114 displayed

The FXDR 114 lives for the road; cruising effortlessly on stretching A-roads, surging across town or making the most of the turns that eventually come your way, the surprisingly agile chassis takes them all in its stride. And once again Harley-Davidson has delivered a creditable suspension and braking package as standard.

The topping on this slice of Harley attitude are detail touches that are fresh and standard from the showroom floor. A Led Daymaker® headlight brightens up anyone’s day… and night. The LED rear light and indicator lamps are a great touch but also beneficial by being bright enough to catch attention when it’s needed.

Then there’s the tidy and exact way the chassis components are precisely put together to give clean, enticing lines front to rear, top to bottom. Explore this model and find your local dealer at

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