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Christmas is just around the corner, meaning that it’s time to start present hunting yet again. Fortunately, we’ve made your life that bit simpler with our exclusive Christmas Gift Guide! Check out some of these fantastic MoreBikes picks…

All My Reads

Three motorcycle books in background with an AllMyReads logo in the foreground.

Introducing a whole new way to enjoy specialist book titles written by well-respected authors – AllMyReads is a book subscription service which allows you to have unlimited access to more than 100 digital book titles… and the number is rising!

With a wide range of topics including railways, aviation, biographies, motorcycling and much more, AllMyReads have you covered. You can access the digital books on multiple platforms including your desktop, tablet or phone.


AllMyReads is a fully searchable platform and your first month is only 99p, followed by a Direct Debit of only £4.99 per month!

Get your subscription now: www.allmyreads.com

Colin Seeley – The Machines, The Magic, The Man

Cover of the Colin Seeley book

There are some people who’ve done little. There are some people who’ve done a lot. There are others who’ve done more than that. Then there was Colin Seeley. He’d done more than pretty much everyone.


Colin passed away just after his 84th birthday. He packed so much into his life, which began on January 2, 1936, when he was born in Kent, the only child of Percy and Hilda. By 20 Colin was running his own business, soon after he was racing, and just two years into his career, was a podium finisher at the IoM TT.

Aged 30, he was a motorcycle manufacturer, then going on to all manner of other disciplines, including running car racing Formula One teams. Post that, he was a successful ace team manager and mentor to young riders, before going on to work for auctioneers Bonhams becoming one of the company’s foremost and most trusted consultants.

During recent years, Colin had been a popular figure at classic events far and wide, often demonstrating period machines, eyes twinkling and lips smiling, enduringly positive, endearingly modest, and always full of enthusiasm. He pretty much did it all.


10% of profits will go to the Joan Seeley Pain Relief Memorial Trust (REG.278697)   

Get Colin Seeley – The Machines, The Magic, The Man: www.mortonsbooks.co.uk

One Man on a Bike

Cover of the One Man on a Bike book.

Take one self-deprecating idiot with a sense of adventure and a sense of humour but no sense of direction, add a vindictive GPS, and you have One Man on a Bike.

This book is a record of author Richard Georgiou’s month-long solo trip from England to Greece and back on his motorbike. With his incredible propensity for disaster, he bumbles through Europe in his own special style attempting to absorb his surroundings while keeping his inner Mr Angry at bay.

Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he really doesn’t. Follow Richard through his 6000-mile, little boy’s adventure. You might be laughing with him or (more likely) at him, but by the end of the book you’ll understand a little more about what it’s like being someone who struggles to reach the dizzy heights of average.

Get One Man on a Bike: www.mortonsbooks.co.uk


The NOCO GENIUS1 charger.

The GENIUS1UK is a 6-volt and 12-volt battery charger, battery maintainer, trickle charger, and battery desulfator, rated at 1-amp for all types of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, including flooded, gel, and AGM, as well as, marine and deep-cycle batteries.

It also has an integrated thermal sensor that detects the ambient temperature and alters the charge to eliminate over-charging in hot climates and under-charging in cold climates.

It charges batteries as low as 1-volt or you can use the all-new Force Mode that allows you to take control and manually begin charging dead batteries down to zero volts.

Grab the NOCO GENIUS1UK: www.amazon.co.uk

Muc-Off: Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaning Kit

The Muc-Off cleaning kit box.

The Muc-Off Cleaning Kit’s antibacterial formula will kill 99.9% of bacteria so that you can effectively clean all of your gear and avoid a germ-fest. It safely removes dirt, dust, grime, sweat and oily residue from your helmet visor, eye wear and goggles to leave them crystal clear.

It is formulated with de-ionised water, making it safe to use on all lens materials and is a pH neutral fluid that is perfect for cleaning your bike helmet as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The kit contains a 32ml bottle of our Visor, Lens & Google Cleaner plus a premium quality Muc-Off microfibre cloth so that you can get to work on your gear straight out of the box.

Get the Muc-Off Kit: www.amazon.co.uk

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