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We had the pleasure of catching up with project manager Marta, 33, from Bristol, to learn all about her and her motorcycling life!

Marta has been motorcycling for around eight years. She spends time in the UK as well as Portugal. Here she rides a 2019 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin and sometimes her partner’s 2018 BMW R1200RS. When in Portugal she rides: 1998 Suzuki TU250X, 1977 Suzuki RV125.

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What got her into motorcycles?

“My uncle had a classic AJS 500 Twin from 1954 and there were two 70’s Suzuki VanVan’s in the family too. I was I guess, always fascinated but not really allowed to go on them until I had my licence. Once I was able to get my first bike (a Kawasaki ZZR400) the doors opened and freedom to go anywhere arrived! Absolutely loved my first proper adventure with my first bike.”

Ladies Who Ride's Marta Freire

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Where do you like to ride, and who with?

“I like to go to historical sites or near the coast. Having been raised abroad in a coastal country, I like to listen to the waves but likewise riding countryside roads is also one of my favourite things to do. When I stop I can enjoy the smells, hear the birds or observe for a bit the wildlife. It is fun and rewarding especially if I can go by motorbike!”

“I like to research where to explore next, roads matter to me (the quality of tarmac and type of scenery) and if there is some site of archaeological interest near by, even better. I really like to learn about the different cultures and populations which have lived in the UK. History helps to understand culture and appreciate some architectural features. I guess I am fairly observant and like to learn.”

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Marta Freire

“One of my go-to rides is to Tintern, Usk, sort of go around Monmouthshire as there are quite nice roads and pretty spots. There is also Cheddar Gorge and the lovely roads around the Cotswolds. I can go alone or with friends, depends on availabilities or how much time I have for it, definitely have made a lot of friends through biking and I like to share a ride with them. Bristol also has some hidden gems and the last lockdowns have definitely helped me to find a few more local spots.”

What’s your two-wheel bucket list?

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“I have done a few European trips and I also have taken a bike from Bristol to Lisbon but I certainly would like to have some more time to see more of Europe on two wheels or even further.”

Marta Freire ladies Who Ride
“I have plans to do the Pyrenees but likewise ride all the way to Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania and Greece. Might have to do them in separated chunks or maybe an opportunity will come – I am open to see how I can make it work to explore more. As I speak Portuguese and Spanish South America is obviously somewhere to try and explore on two wheels.

I do like to share my knowledge about bikes and the female perspective, so I took the punt and organised the Petrolettes rally for Bristol for 2020 and this year. We won an award already and I am looking at making sure the event gets better and better every year. Here is a little article about it!”

What else do you get up to?

Ladies Who Ride Marta Freire

“My background is in forensic science and I have a huge interest in documentaries about this sort of thing. I like Tech and how Technology can be used in solving problems, in for example a forensic context, but likewise I really enjoy how these techniques can be transferable to other sciences.

I also have a huge interest in photography and film making. I have a drone myself and I have been enjoying aerial photography quite a bit. My Instagram has some aerial photos but it is mainly motorcycle focused – there is a lot more on my personal drive!

I definitely enjoy keeping up to do date with scientific research and generally learning about languages as it is fascinating. I also enjoy music quite a bit and sports (football, badminton and Pilates) – I think is just about finding the equilibrium and enjoying the moments.

I know this is motorcycle related but I guess adding is allowed as another interest of mine, I like to do motorcycle maintenance myself or at least to try and learn about some aspects. I have done some electrical repairs to my Suzuki TU250X and have learned loads with an old Yamaha SR125 I used to have.”

Fascinating stuff! Thank you, Marta. If you’d like to be featured in our ‘Ladies Who Ride’ area, as a profile, or reviewing some of your gear, or both – please drop us an email, here


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