BuffSome riders never ride without one, even in summer, and not wearing one in winter is just plain mad. Neck tubes not only keep draughts and rain out of your jacket, they can also reduce the amount of noise getting into your helmet. Aside from standard tubes, there are ones specifically designed for winter use. Some use microfleece, some have wind stopping capabilities.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Fit is crucial. You need to check you can still do up your jacket properly without your neck feeling squeezed.
  • How a neck tube fits and feels inside your helmet – can you turn your head when wearing it?
  • Thick tubes are not necessarily the warmest – they add unwanted bulk.
  • Make sure you like the material: you don’t want something that feels scratchy or irritates your skin
  • Try on as many different brands as you can to see what works best with your riding kit and you – motorcycle shows such as the upcoming Carole Nash Motorcycle Live at the NEC are a good place for this.

Oxford-chill-outTop tip
Always check the length – if it’s too short, wind could get in if you can’t tuck it in properly, too long and it will bunch up under your jacket

Tony Carter

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