Snowy-bikeRiding with a misted-up or badly scratched visor is never pleasant. Colder weather make the inside of your visor much more likely to steam up – you can open your chin vents to help but your eyes will suffer a cold blast. Rain can also reduce visibility if your visor isn’t treated with a water-beading product.

Here’s what to do:

  • Use a rain-repellent product. When you turn your head while riding, water will bead off. Remember to reapply regularly.
  • Don’t be tempted to wipe your visor with your glove or anything dirty (some riders wedge a bit of cloth near the clocks). If you do, you’ll scratch the visor and those scratches will soon clog up with water and road grime.
  • Fit an anti-fog insert such as a Pinlock – these provide an airtight doubleglazing effect to the visor so it remains clear.

PinlockTop tip If you’ve already scratched your visor but not too badly, use a car/bike polishing based wax on it as this will not only provide nearly the same effect as a beading product but will also fill in little scratches at the same time. Make sure you put it onto a cloth, before rubbing into your visor.

Tony Carter

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