Bike security: Ground anchors



022_Gear-Gremlin-700-GROUND-ANCHORGear Gremlin Ground Anchor £39.99

Floor or wall mountable, with four high-tensile bolts, this anchor gives the perfect anchor point for your chain or lock. It features a tough, 14mm alloy steel shackle – which sits flush to help stop the irritating habit of tripping over it. It also has a tough polypropylene covering to help prevent damage and corrosion.

022_Oxford-ground-anchor-pr-shotOxford Ground Anchor £59.99

This double layered and hardened ground anchor is Sold Secure gold standard approved and comes complete with all fittings and instructions to keep your beloved two wheeled machine safe.

022_bumpstop-2-3Bumpstop Motorcycle Stand £150

Thatcham approved and made from powder coated 3mm stainless steel, this device enables you to move and store your bike safely. You can put your bike in forwards or backwards and it will hold it upright and securely. It’s used by police and the MoD, so its heavy duty stuff. The makers claim theyknow of no motorcycles stolen from the Thatcham approved unit. Did we mention Giacomo Agostini uses one too?

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Know this…

  • Check your insurance documents – often insurance companies will set out the ways in which your bike needs to be protected in order for them to pay out.
  • Look for ‘Thatcham Approved’ or ‘Sold Secure’ ratings when choosing security products.
  • When chaining up your bike, keep slack out of the chain to keep it (and the lock) off the ground – this makes it a lot harder for thieves to attack it.
  • Parking your bike in a public place can help, but don’t rely on harassed shoppers to take much notice of a bike alarm, or even a balaclava-wearing hoodlum wheeling a bike into onto a trailer.
  • A disk-lock is a handy deterrent, but a thief can always pop the wheel on a skateboard to make it easier to roll your bike into a van.
  • Always use the best possible security you can, but a massive chain will only secure your bike if you actually use it.


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