Motorcycle legal advice: Will I be liable if they don’t get the charges from the other side?



Q: I got sideswiped by a truck whilst filtering through traffic; he clipped my bike’s rear end, breaking my back light and rear mudguard whilst trying to get out of a junction. I called my insurer to claim off my fully comprehensive policy and was put through to a non-fault department, who sent someone with a hire bike and to take my Kawasaki away.

I was told it was all free and there was nothing to worry about by the delivery driver. However, he wanted me to sign paperwork stating that I was liable for everything if they didn’t get the charges back from the other side. I told him I didn’t want the bike as I have others, and he left. I don’t know what to do, as my bike is still damaged. I paid for insurance and just want them to deal with it.

A: I suspect your insurer has a ‘relationship’ with the bike hire company and everyone’s trying to ‘benefit’ after your accident. Your insurer benefits by taking your money and then not paying out on your policy; the bike hire company wants to charge for storage, repairs and a hire bike.

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Sometimes there’s a need for this kind of service, but this isn’t the time. Be firm with your insurer to make the claim; you’ve no need for a hire bike and saved yourself grief by reading the paperwork. I had a client who racked up £10000 of charges before I was instructed. You can imagine what the defendants said about that. Don’t be that poor chap.

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