Reviewed by: Steve Rose for 100,000miles  RRP: £199

I can’t believe I’m still wearing this. The carbon panels look as naff today as they did in 1999 when I first got it. But the fact is that no other jacket has yet come close to being as comfy or easy to use.


It’s the attention to detail in the design that makes it special. Cuffs are wide enough to get over the thickest winter gloves, but fasten snugly enough to keep out draughts and rain. The collar fastens with a D-ring strap and Velcro, so it always fits snugly, no matter what is underneath. All the outside pockets are waterproof and there are two inside ones as well. The armour is top-spec CE stuff and the carbon panels add abrasion resistance to a textile jacket. The material is thick enough not to billow in the wind, but comfy to wear too and it has been completely waterproof and always warm in what must be more than 100,000 miles of winter riding.

In all that time the only problems have been two broken tangs on the cuff zips, replaced with bits of an old keyring. It is quite simply the best bit of motorcycle kit I have ever come across.

Shame then that it was discontinued in 2005 and no one seems to have any old stock because I’d love to buy a spare.


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Ross Mowbray

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