Richa Moscow heated glove review




Reviewed by: Tony Carter for 
1500 miles RRP: £169.99

I’m no wimp, but every year my hands suffer when the weather gets cold – especially when I’m out on a big ride. I got these gloves just in time for the start of this past winter. I’ve dabbled with heated gloves before but I’ve never found a pair that lived up to their word. Maybe that’s why I was a bit cynical when the Richas landed on my lap. The first time I used the gloves was on a big trip up to the lakes. It was snowing, so you can imagine how cold it was. My gloves were fully charged and I had them set on the highest of the two-stage heating modes that the gloves come with. For the first 20 miles I was on cloud nine. I’d pre-warmed the gloves before slotting them on and I genuinely felt toasty for the first leg
of my trip. Around the 30 mile point that warm feeling had vanished. I doubted the battery could have gone flat so quickly, but decided to pull over and check what was going on. Sure enough, the twin red diodes were still bright, which indicated the power was still there. To touch, the gloves felt cold but after five minutes, the warmth came back into them and I was toasty yet again, for yet another brief spell. This scenario repeated itself for much of the journey until I got bored of stopping and finally accepted that the gloves were simply good for short journeys in the cold. In fairness, I’m sure I would have been worse off had I not have been wearing the gloves. I didn’t experience the crippling cold I normally would have, so that was a bonus. Since that trip, I’ve used the gloves pretty extensively and they’ve proven to be a good piece of kit. The battery has a reasonable life and the charging system is quick and easy. They’re fully waterproof too and offer a good fit. Touches like the visor wipers are also commendable. In terms of simplicity, these are probably the best heated gloves I’ve come across to date and they do a decent job of keeping you warm on shorter runs.

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