TCX-RS-2 boots

Reviewed by: Bruce Wilson for 2000miles 
RRP: £249

Gimmicks. The world’s full of them. When I clocked these boots at the EICMA show last November, I genuinely thought that’s what they would turn out to be. There’s no denying a boot that fits properly is a boot worth having, but I struggled to believe that the novelty-looking red blob on the TCX RS-2’s sidewall would live up to the hype hammered into the accompanying owner’s manual. I can now tell you that they do. Well, sort of.


Asked whether I prefer these boots to come equipped with the system or not, I’d choose it every time. Occasionally the effort of pumping the boots up to pressure makes you question their worth and you have to grow used to people staring at you as they try to fathom why you’re repeatedly stabbing your calf area in a manic fashion. But for all the negatives, the system does genuinely allow for a comfortable and well-fitting piece of kit across the majority of the foot. That makes them fantastic for track riding where you depend on a firm boot, with good ankle support. It also helps that they’re attractive and despite the fact I went for the air option over the non-leaky kind, I’ve been impressed by just how dry they keep you when riding in the wet. Thumbs up from me.

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