Reviewed by: Bruce Wilson for 10,000 miles RRP:£224.99

These boots are great. I’ve had them for just over a year now and I’m keen to wear them at every given chance. They fit well, look good and do a damn good job of keeping your feet warm and dry. In fact, never once have my feet been baptised while riding, regardless of the extreme conditions I’ve faced. Not even when they accompanied me on a river crossing in the Algarve. That was when they proved their worth to me. While other guys were making it to the other side with soggy wet socks, I was smug and dry. Thank you, boots. Sidis are great for a good fit and these boots are no exception to that rule. They hug your ankles and shins, making you feel protected. The soles are comfortable and it’s only recently that I’ve been starting to note a bit of wear in their rubber bases. Nothing too bad, but it’s worth noting down all the same. As far as boots go, these are a good all-round option, great for use with all kinds of bikes. I’d recommend them.

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