Reviewed by: Malc Wheeler for 2000 miles RRP: 

What a great idea these TCX boots are. They look like normal, everyday, baseball boots and yet they offer far more protection than you would get from your normal trainers. And they are waterproof. Honest, they really are. Mine have just ‘enjoyed’ a week at the Manx Grand Prix and as anyone who attended this year will tell you it rained. A lot. And did my TCX X-Street boots let any water in? No they didn’t, and that included wallowing in the mud that passed as a car park and the regular washing down they got with the hose pipe to remove the Manx mud. The boot is built to TCX’s usual high standard and made from full grain leather, with added ankle protection and toe and heel reinforcement. The leather is ‘aged’ to give a vintage look, they have a durable rubber sole, and from day one they were comfortable. It’s also great being able to ride in to the office and wear the same boots all day. The TCX X- Streets make a great pair of summer bike boots, which offer some protection, for less than the price of an ordinary pair of trainers.


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Tony Carter

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