Reviewed by: Nigel Hole RRP: Front standard brake lines (three lines) – £82.76 Rear standard brake line (one line) – £27.59

It’s hard to describe what a difference a set of braided hoses does for your motorcycle until you’ve tried them. My 1991 Honda CBR600FM was an aged girl when I bought her off an internet auction site. Everything needed to be gone through but not least the brakes. The old rubber brake lines were at best ‘hanging in there’ and had a complete lack of any feel. Contributing factors could –actually I’d say would – be air in the lines and rubbish pads but a change over of the lines coupled to new pads and DOT4 fluid, transformed the bike meaning far less travel on the lever to exert much more pressure. These hoses came with standard clear outer tubing with the zinc plated banjos. For just £2.40 per line more you can have stainless steel banjos. A huge choice of colours is available along with race spec lines (two direct lines to the caliper) or the traditional three lines.

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Ross Mowbray

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