Reviewed by: Bruce Wilson RRP: £49.99

This rucksack’s fit for purpose. In the few months that I’ve known it, it’s proven itself to be a great motorcycling companion, but the love stops the minute I dismount. Sounds crazy, but all the features that make this bag suitable for motorcycling in my opinion, work against it in everyday use. Take the main pocket for example. The zip is neat and cleverly covered by extra fabric so that wind can’t get to the zippers and undo the bag on the go. And to make things extra safe, the zippers are Velcro’d into position at the top of the bag, hidden likewise by a folding Velcro lid. This bag’s more secure than a bank vault. But for the same reason it’s a little on the cumbersome side and opening and closing the rucksack is unnecessarily long-winded. Inside, the main area’s divided tidily by a laptop compartment, a lower fold and a front area. No issues there. It makes sense and is quite big, meaning you can cram loads into it. When I got my bag, it came with two additional pouches which Velcro’d and clipped on, which I’ve since removed, because I never found the need to use them. At the sides there’s an elasticated, deep drinks bottle compartment on one side and a zipped pocket the other, which works a treat for keys and wallets. The bag’s relatively comfy, but awkward to adjust up on the straps. It’s not waterproof, but comes with an over cover which is.


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Tony Carter

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