EDZ Merino Underlayers review


Reviewed by: Tony Carter RRP: Top – £40 / bottom – £40

You might think that something like this is purely a winter garment, but the truth couldn’t be further from the err… truth.


Yes, layers are the secret to warmth in the winter and EDZ’s Merino undergarments are some of the best layers you’ll find but it’s the fact that they are made from merino wool that means they also keep you comfortable in the warmer weather.

I’ve ridden in these in both subzero and summer temperatures and on each trip the under layers meant more comfort from the off.

Made from 100% merino wool, the two part top and bottom suit provides fantastic thermal qualities, while also been naturally resistant to odours. It’s machine washable and comes with flat seams to ensure comfort at all times.


Highly recommended. In fact, once you’ve worn them biking kit feels decidedly worse without them.

By the way… that’s not me jun the picture. To inflict that on you wouldn’t be fair!



More info: www.edzlayering.com

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