Reviewed by: Neil Manson RRP: £299

I had my reservations about this lid when I first got it: The styling is unusual and it was to be the first time I’d worn a motorcycle helmet with a detachable chin guard. However, since using it for the past year it has grown on me significantly for the reasons that follow. I like the double ‘D’ ring chin straps – this simple design always makes me feel more secure than the car seat belt-type of fastener. I’m a big fan of the vents which give ample airflow around the lid and keep the visor clear even on cold days. In addition, the anti-fog insert is brilliant for when you’re travelling at low speeds and the vents can’t keep up.


Speaking of which, although slightly unusual in size, the visor gives great peripheral vision and is very easy to detach and clean. The sun visor was awkward to use at first, as I felt around the lid top for the mechanism when riding but now I can easily bring it down and lock it into place in a second or two. After an initial wearing in period the fit is now excellent and feels very secure. The build quality of the X402GT is amazing, with padding in all the right places and an exterior that is beautifully finished, though this may be why it’s quite pricey at around £299.

One thing to bear in mind when buying is that this model is on the smaller side of the sizes so this one being a large could almost be sized at a medium in some brands. Now, unfortunately, on to a couple of bad points, the first of which is the incredibly tight fit that threatened to pull my ears off when donning and doffing the helmet. This gave after just a few weeks and is now a perfect fit but for a little while I almost gave up using it. Secondly, the X402GT seems to be a bit of a noise generator but this can easily be remedied by wearing a couple of earplugs. I’d put this down to the three part construction, though it is a very good mate between the three components of chin guard, visor and helmet. For me, using this helmet was a great introduction to the brand and I will certainly consider another X-Lite on my next helmet purchase.

More info: www.x-lite.it

Ross Mowbray

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