013_HiViz-Back-viewReviewed by: John Milbank RRP: £24.99 While some riders turn their nose up at hi-viz kit, there’s no denying its effectiveness. Reflective gear can help you shine in a car’s headlights, but it’s not always as much use if you’re approaching a T junction. Enter the H-Band, from Moto Central. Using two AA batteries, it has orange Light Emitting Diodes at the front, and red at the back, hidden beneath the bright, reflective straps. The clever design means that only four LEDs are needed, so battery life is excellent (mine’s still going after 10 hours), and the control unit uses a single button to cycle between off, on, and flashing modes. I found a flaw with mine when a good soaking one night left the unit working erratically. Water had got into the battery box, which also contains the small electronic circuit. It dried out quickly, and works flawlessly again now, appearing to have been caused by a wire that was trapped in the case during assembly. As the batteries need changing so infrequently, it’s not a problem to wrap a little insulation tape around the edges of the small box, and across the two screw holes. Despite this niggle, the H-Band is still a great value way of increasing your safety during the winter commute. More info: Moto Central eBay store

Tony Carter