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The holes in VT750S’ front disc are tiny; far too small for most disc locks to fit through. And, being spoked wheels, there is no point attaching a lock through the spokes as a pair of tin-snips would get past that ‘security’.
The answer is the Oxford Junior disc lock. It features a Zinc alloy body, with a 5mm hardened steel locking pin attaching it to the disc.


It is TINY – this is the only disc lock I would ever consider popping in my pocket (it also fits perfectly into the external pocket on my Held Speedy tailpack). But to make sure the casual thief knows it is in place, it is painted bright yellow.
When in place, there is no space between the lock and the disc, making it had for anyone to cut through the pin (you would need to cut through the body, damaging the front disc as well).


The lock can be fiddly to work, but most of the time it is fine.
The Oxford Junior will, in all honesty, perhaps not deter the “professional” thief. But it will deter joy-riding oiks and in conjunction with other security will protect your bike. The VT750S comes fitted with Honda’s excellent HISS immobiliser system, but if leaving the bike in a public place for a period of time, I will use the Oxford Junior on the front, backed up by an Oxford chain and padlock on the rear.
It does the job, it is small and light. But if leaving the bike in public for a long time, do use other security features to support.

By Bob Pickett

Tony Carter

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