Build your own ELECTRIC Honda Cub. Conversion KIT from Shanghai Customs.



Shanghai Customs has made a name for itself over the last years, creating an eclectic mix of electric one-off specials – and now, the fledgling brand has unveiled a kit which allows you to covert an old Honda Cub to electric.


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The Honda Cub is a tour-de-force in the two-wheel world. With over 100 million units sold since its introduction in 1958, you can buy a Cub for reasonable money almost anywhere in the world – which is exactly the reason Shanghai Customs has chosen it as the base bike for its new electric conversion kit.


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Best of all, all you need to crack on with the conversion is a solid frame and some forks, because Shanghai Customs kit provides everything else as part of its kit. That’s because it wants to reuse and repurpose old Cubs rather than crank out another Chinese electric scooter.


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Essentially, the Shanghai Customs eCUB Kit is an all-inclusive package which allows Honda Cub owners with basic mechanical skills and hand tools to convert their pride and joy from petrol to electric. And SH reckons you’ll be able to do it in less than a day.


Electrical Parts

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– A Panasonic GA 18650 3.7v 3500 mAh lithium-ion battery pack

– A 1000W electric hub motor, capable of 2000W at peak

– A 20 amp DCDC converter

– Switch gear and indicators

– A front headlight and mounting hardware

– An electronic three-wire throttle paired with a matching left grip

– An LED flasher

– A controller (50 amp continuous, 120 amp peak)

– An alarm and keyless entry (pre-wired)

– Connector boxes (pre-installed)

– Remote keys (pre-installed)

– A 4 amp charger

– A digital display and mounting hardware

– A rear brake light and indicator strip

– The full wiring loom

– Front indicators

Structural Parts

– Front and rear wheels (the rear contains the electric motor)

– The battery box frame mount/lock adapter

– A rear disc brake, adapter, cord and front lever

– A front brake lever

– The top unit

– The swing arm and adapters

– Rear shock absorbers

– Handlebars

– The top handlebar yoke

– Tire inners front and rear, and spoke rubber cover

– The controller bracket

– The bottom cover

– Foot rests

– A custom seat

– Screws, packers, and washers (all that are required for full build)

– Rubbers and 3M tape

– Top screw adapters

– Side covers (small)

– Swing arm axel flats and the rear brake caliper

The Honda eCub kit will fit all Honda C70 and C90 models from 1967 to 2003, and it’ll also fit the Honda C50 with some minor tweaks. If you’re interested, the kit will set you back $2999 (which works out just shy of £2300) – and includes shipping to your door. For more information, click HERE.



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