TESTED: Guy Martin’s Proper Cleaner



RRP: £8 // www.guymartinproper.com // Tested by: Andy Catton

From the Isle of Man TT to Transit vans, Guy Martin’s always got something different on the go. The latest project from the Lincolnshire lad is a selection of cleaning products.

Created with the intention of reducing packaging, Guy Martin’s Proper Cleaner negates the need to send weighty bottles of cleaning fluid, and instead asks you to mix a capsule with water. Simply ‘fill the bottle with your own water, drop in a complete capsule, give it 30 seconds, a shake and its reet.’ It’s a surprisingly satisfying process – quick and easy as you like. Then it’s just a case of applying it as follows: wet your bike, spray on the cleaner and leave it for two to three minutes, ideally agitate with a soft wheel cleaning brush all over, hose off and dry the bike with a microfibre cloth. Simple.

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I used it to clean a very grubby Honda CB300R, which had been severely splatted with all manner of grit and grime from Lincolnshire’s rural roads, and I’ve got to say, with the help of the Proper Cleaner, it came up well every time. Most impressively, I’ve only needed to use around three-quarters of the first 750ml so far, and that’s for three proper cleans throughout December, so it certainly seems to go a long way too. After a quick buff, I reckon the bike looked ‘proper’ clean, and really what more would you want for its fairly reasonable price?

It is easy to use (two capsule refill packs are just £5), it is a UK-made product and it is safe to use on brake discs and disc pads along with all motorcycle surfaces (and your car, van, etcetera). On a personal note, I love the idea that the cleaner, packaging and the concept of re-using the bottle are environmentally friendly.


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