Oxford Chain Brush review


Tested by: John Milbank RRP: £9.99 More info: www.oxprod.com

Motorcycle chains need love – ignore them and they’ll soon look awful, become less efficient, and potentially dangerous. Modern chain lubes do a great job of sticking to the links, but that ability to resist fling can also mean dust and grit sticking as well.


The Oxford Chain Brush makes it really easy to clear all the old gunk from your chain – even a severely neglected one I was recently faced with came up a treat with a bit of oil and Oxford’s finest.

The cupped section slips over the chain easily, where its tough bristles work deep between the rivets and plates. On the other end is a set of longer bristles, which I found handy for sorting out the sprocket.

Even heavy-duty chains, like that on the 1050 Triumph Tiger Sport, fit between the brushy teeth, so you should expect this to fit most drivetrains pretty well. A great addition to the cleaning box.

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