On 27th of September, at the London International Tattoo Convention 2014, an incredible tattooed motorcycle will be unveiled.

Polish custom bike manufacturer Game Over Cycles is busy creating a motorcycle in devotion to the traditions of the modern motocycle industry and the human culture of the artistic world of tattoos. Built in collaboration with German company Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment and Dutch Zodiac Performance Products the bike is both – a tribute to motorcycle engineering, and a work of art.



The Cheyenne Bike, branded The Recidivist, is a bike inspired by the art of permanent body tattoos. Motorbikes are commonly adorned with tattoo motifs using an aerograph, however the uniqueness of Cheyenne Bike The Recidivist lies in the fact that the bike’s entire construction will be covered in leather, tattoed directly onto the bike’s tires, tanks, seat, rear fender and many other smaller elements. Light colored cow hide, similar to the color of human skin is engineered onto the bike, with wo great tattoo artists from the Polish tattoo studios – Individuum and Steel Will Tattoo-Factory –  using the tools of world-famous brand Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment will apply traditional works of tattoo art onto the bike.



The worls of motorbikes and tattooes have long been kindred spirits. The theme of the Cheyenne Bike relates to this traditional relationship. In the USA, bikers used to tattoo for personal reasons – to express their character and lifestyle – as well as their social attitude. In post-war era America, many motorcyclists often led a life on the edge of law, but in those difficult times they were also very active in helping people from their local communities. The Cheyenne Bike as an artistic vision references those traditions and through its construction and decorations presents a story of a man with strong character – a person,who values individuality, personal expression and a sense of freedom.


The bike, before tattoo work began

The bike’s respect for tradition doesn’t stop with artistic imagery. Respect lies at the core of its mechanics. Bikers often tattooed using self-made machines and in reference to this, the bike’s front suspension has the look of a traditional coil tattoo machine.


The machine’s design will be based on a number of technical solutions drawing from the turbulent lifestyles of post-war bikers. The kick-start lever will be the shape of a bomb detonator lever; the rear light indicators look like brass knuckle-dusters; the fuel tank cap opens by the lock of a bank safe. In addition, the front calipers will have the appearance of handcuffs, and front clutch and brake handles will be formed in the shape of “butterfly” knifes.

Cheyenne Bike The Recidivist is based on the Harley-Davidson Softail model, but only the engine and parts of the frame from the original machine will be left. All the other construction elements and mechanisms will be original solutions created by Game Over Cycles. The Recidivist will be a genuine individual.




Tony Carter

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