Team SP FiFTY RACING have launched a fundraising campaign through website IndieGoGo ahead of the 2015 Dakar. The team have have created a unique set of perks based around the road book navigation to offer race fans something entirely unique.

With the natively high costs of racing Dakar always proving a stumbling block for privateer racers, the team have created an innovative solution to the problem, by utilising the crowd funding site IndieGoGo. The campaign is offset by a series of ‘perks’ to provide fans with the opportunity to gain some unique Dakar memorabilia after the race.


Each of the main perks is based around pages of the racers road books from the race, which then be mounted and framed. There are different packages available, each offering different options. The full details of the campaign can be viewed by clicking on the butting below.

Llewelyn Pavey: “We aren’t fans of asking for money for nothing, so we’ve come up with a set of perks that we hope provide our fans, or fans of the Dakar something a little bit special. We’re looking to raise some cash toward our physical money bills, the entries for the riders and assistance crew. These add up to a brutally high £60,000. We aren’t expecting all that to come from Indiegogo but any help you can provide gets us just that bit closer. 

We’re gonna strip out the navigation road book from each day, roll them up and bring them back to the UK. We’ll then mount them, in their complicated, marked up glory, in a glass plate with a small plaque describing what you’re looking at, some stage info and the results of the day. Each perk has a little more to it than the previous one, some with replica race shirts and so on. It’ll make an extremely unique offering for fans of the race.”


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Tony Carter

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