£25.50 (with MoreBikes discount) | www.visorcat.com / 07920 145706 | Tested by John Milbank

I don’t like too much fussing about on a bike, but the Visorcat is proving to be a surprisingly useful bit of kit. Once slipped over your left glove, it’s only one extra strap to tighten on each ride. Fill the reservoir with the supplied fluid (extra 250ml bottles will last ages, and cost £5), and off you go.



The fluid keeps a sponge (hidden under the rubber flap) damp – as soon as flies/mud/road salt hit your visor, a swipe from left to right exposes the sponge to safely remove the crud. As you bring your hand back across your lid, the rubber flap closes, covering the sponge to squeegee off any remaining debris, leaving a clear view of the road ahead.



If you’re using it to clear bugs away in the summer, it’s worth hitting them as soon as they splat – they get a harder to remove when they dry on. As the winter months progress it’ll never leave my glove: no more chasing cars, hoping to catch some stray windscreen wash to remove the road salt. This will make my commute a lot safer.


My Held gloves have a visor wipe built into the finger, but having the wet sponge of the Visorcat makes a world of difference. A great idea that really does work, and with spare sponges and fluid readily available, a two year guarantee plus an exclusive 15% off if you use the discount code ‘MOREBIKES’, this is one biking gadget that’s well worth a look.


Visorcat-visor-cleaning-010 Visorcat-visor-cleaning-007

Tony Carter

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