ABS and new colours for Yamaha | 2015 new motorcycles



Along with the exciting announcements of a new Yamaha XJR1300 and XJR1300 Racer, plus the Yamaha MT-07 Moto Cage, other bikes in the company’s range have had some tweaks…


Yamaha YZF-R125

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Following the launch of the new higher-specification model for the 2014 season, the YZF-R125 has continued to maintain its position as the top selling supersport bike in the 125cc class. In January 2015 this advanced model will be joined by an ABS-equipped version, giving performance minded riders an even greater choice.

The 2015 YZF-R125 & YZF-R125 ABS will be continued in Race Blu and Matt Grey, while a new Racing Red color will complete the color range.


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Yamaha MT-125

Having arrived at dealers in late summer 2014, the MT-125 is said to be one of the most sought-after bikes in this important category. Featuring a YZF-R125 based chassis and aggressive MT family styling, the MT-125 combines streetfighter style with big bike looks and attitude. The standard model will be joined by an ABS version from November 2014 onwards.

The MT-125 ABS option will be offered in the same colours as the standard model.

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Yamaha XVS1300 Custom

Yamaha’s 2015 model XVS1300 Custom will be equipped with new LED flashers.

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New colourschemes

In addition to the arrival of the new MT-07 Moto Cage and the launch of new ABS-equipped variants of the YZF-R125 and MT-125, Yamaha will also be releasing a number of existing models in a range of bold new colour options.

Launched three years ago, Yamaha’s Race Blu is inspired by the dominant colour featured on our factory MotoGP race bikes. Following its highly successful introduction in 2012 on our YZ-F supersport models, Race Blu has become closely associated with the true spirit of innovation, excitement and uniqueness that characterizes the Yamaha brand.

For 2015 a number of models in the MT, Naked, Sport Touring and Adventure classes will feature new Matt Silver/Power Black bodywork complemented by vivid Race Blu component parts that emphasize their high quality image and thoroughbred Yamaha DNA.


  • MT-09: Race Blu / Sept 2014
  • MT-09: Street Rally Race Blu / Nov 2014
  • MT-07: Race Blu / Jan 2015
  • MT-07: Yellow / an 2015



  • FZ8: Race Blu / Oct 2014
  • XJ6: Race Blu / Oct 2014

2015_YAM_FZ8-N_EU_MS1RB_STU_002 2015_YAM_MT09SR_EU_MS1RB_STU_002_03

Sport Touring 

  • Fazer 8: Race Blu / Nov 2014
  • Diversion: Race Blu / Oct 2014
  • Diversion F: Race Blu / Nov 2014
  • FJR1300A/AS: Dark Grey Metallic / Sept 2014
  • FJR1300AE: Dark Grey Metallic / Oct 2014

2015_YAM_XJ6N_EU_MS1RB_STU_002 2015_YAM_XJ6S_EU_MS1RB_STU_002 2015_YAM_FZ8-S_EU_MS1RB_STU_002 2015_YAM_FJR1300A_EU_DNMN_STU_002


  • XT660Z: Race Blu / Nov 2014
  • XT1200Z / ZE / WC: Race Blu / Nov 2014
  • XT1200ZE: Matt Grey / Nov 2014

2015_YAM_XTZ1200WC_EU_MS1RB_STU_002_03 2015_YAM_XTZ660_EU_MS1RB_STU_002



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