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The ever-popular Bandit has had a redesign for 2015: Here are the full details from Suzuki…


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Engine and Fuel Injection

Powering the Bandit 1250S ABS’s “sporting comfort” performance is a 1255cm3 liquid-cooled fuel-injected DOHC engine delivering extra-smooth acceleration and a wide spread of power for relaxed highway cruising. With a full 1255cm3 of torque-producing displacement, the powerplant is tailored to wide-ranging, sporty enjoyment, generating peak torque from relatively low in the rev range.

Chrome-nitride coating, applied to each piston’s upper compression and oil control rings using a physical vapor deposition (PVD) vacuum chamber system, is harder and smoother than conventional chrome plating, resulting in reduced friction and tighter cylinder sealing.

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A liquid-cooled oil cooler helps keep the engine running cool. Power is transmitted through a 6-speed transmission using gear ratios chosen for impressive accelerations as well as smooth highway cruising.

Suzuki’s own race-proven nickel-phosphorous-silicon-carbide plating – known as SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) – on the aluminum-alloy cylinder bores allows tighter piston-to-cylinder clearance for better oil control and sealing (for more power and less mechanical loss) and better cooling, compared to conventional cast-iron cylinder liners.

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The engine is also engineered for comfortable rides, maintaining smooth operation with an effective secondary balancer shaft.

The Bandit 1250S ABS features state-of-the-art Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) digital closed-loop fuel injection for superb throttle response feel, extra-smooth power delivery, improved mileage and reduced emissions.

Each 36mm throttle body contains a primary throttle valve – controlled by the rider with the throttle twist grip – and a secondary throttle valve controlled by the engine management computer, based on engine rpm, gear position and primary-valve position. The secondary valve opens and closes as needed to maintain ideal intake air velocity, resulting in more linear throttle response, enhanced combustion efficiency and increased low-rpm torque.

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ECM The Engine Control Module (ECM) utilizes a 32-bit CPU that monitors and analyzes engine speed, gear selection, throttle position, and data from an O2 sensor in the exhaust system to calculate the exact amount of fuel for each cylinder for optimum performance.

ISC Automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) regulates the amount of air fed into the throttle body idle circuits to improve cold starting, reduce cold-start emissions and stabilize engine idle under varying conditions.

PAIR Suzuki’s proven Pulsed-AIR (PAIR) system injects fresh air from the airbox into the exhaust ports, igniting unburned hydrocarbons and reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

A catalyzer, built into the high-volume exhaust pipe, further cuts down on hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. The engine management and emissions control systems in combination allow the Bandit 1250S ABS to meet the latest emissions regulations and standards.

2015 Suzuki Bandit 1250S ABS 018

Designed And Equipped For Fun And Comfort

Wind protection Wrapping around the radiator sides and vented just below the headlight, the sculpted half-fairing design is the result of repeated wind-tunnel testing. This design achieves better aerodynamics and wind protection giving both the rider and passenger great riding comfort.

Instrument panel The analog tachometer on the left incorporates FI and ABS indicators. The LCD panel on the right displays a digital speedometer and odometer, dual trip meters, clock, and a fuel gauge. The tachometer makes a full-scale sweep when switching on the ignition.

Anti-lock brake system The Bandit 1250S ABS is equipped with fully floating 310mm-diameter dual front brake discs with 4-piston calipers, and a 240mm-diameter rear disc brake with a single-piston caliper. Digital Anti-lock Brake System, or ABS* monitors wheel speed, and matches stopping power to available traction.

Adjustable seat The height of the comfortably contoured seat can be adjusted up or down 20mm by removing, flipping over and re-installing clever mounting spacers between the seat and the frame seat rails.

Suspension The Bandit 1250S ABS has a single rear shock that works with a progressive, rising-rate link system designed to respond smoothly to road irregularities. Rear shock rebound damping and spring preload are adjustable.

Grab Bar The grab bar incorporates hooks on either side of its base that are convenient on long tours.

Center stand A convenient center stand is standard equipment.

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