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Kriega R20 backpack | Miles used: 100,000+ | Price: £89 | Tested by: Tony Carter | Contact:



There’s a simple rule in the kit I use, and it’s a rule that’s never let me down; if I keep going back to it or using it then it’s good. Bloody good.

So what do you need me to tell you about the Kriega R20 backpack that more than 100,000 miles all around the world can’t explain?

Well, nothing really. The fact that I have consistently used this backpack for enough miles to get me halfway to the moon shows how highly I rate the Kriega. The parachute-style harness is very easy to adjust and use, even in freezing conditions with super-thick gloves on. There’s two main compartments on the back (one big pocket and one smaller one on top of it) and both are very easy to access, the bigger one opens up virtually all the way round and the top pocket is accessed by a side-zip which is big enough for that gloved hand again.


Kriega rucksack review 002

Everything is kept in check with four straps on the back of the bag, two either side. There’s plastic hook parts to keep excess strap length tucked away, too.

Inside the main compartment is a large, basic flat packet on the side that sits again your back and there’s also a smaller net-pocket on the opposite inside face, this is at the top.


And that’s it. You can fit extras to the bag like a phone carrier, extra capacity clip-on bags and drink reservoirs etc but I’ve not bothered. What I’ve found with the Kriega R20 is that here I’ve got a backpack that’s waterproof enough for most trips, outstandingly comfy to ride in and totally secure. The only thing that happened in more than 100,000 miles of riding with it is that the corner of my wallet has rubbed through the netting on the inside pocket. And that’s nothing to do with the backpack or any lack of quality control, it’s just something that I’ve done for all that distance. My fault, not the bag’s.

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In fact, I’ve worn this bag whilst testing bikes all over the world (and more than once I’ve been physically dragged out of the sloppy stuff whilst off-road riding by ‘helpers’ who used the bag’s Quadloc harness system as an ad-hoc retrieval-strap set-up).

I love this Kriega. It’s the mutt’s nuts. At £89 it’s a good price for a great bag and comes with a 10 year guarantee. So far it’s never let me down in any way. I highly recommend this backpack to you.

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Tony Carter

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