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Tested by: Tony Carter | Miles used: 3,000 | Price: various options depending on what you want | Contact:

Richard Stevens is an exceptional artist. He’s also a former motocross racer and a man who gets what biking is about. He is, in short, cool. With a capital C.


He’s painted most of the helmets you can see when you tune in to watch the superstars of global and domestic racing doing their thing, he’s also the man who’s looked after the paint on my helmets for the past decade.

Richart helmet paint review 003

I’ve recently asked Richard to put my design on to a SHARK Race R-Pro Carbon helmet and you can see the results here. Richart’s slogan of ‘the only limitation is your imagination’ is most apt and price-wise painting a helmet can range from a few hundred quid to mega money (it rather depends on what you want and the materials used, it’s impossible to say what your idea would cost but ask Rich directly and he’ll give you an idea – chances are it won’t be as pricey as you think it might be).


Time-scale for a painted lid depends on two main factors; how complex the design is and how busy the one-man-band that is Rich is at the time you give him the go-ahead to paint for you. My helmet took about six weeks to paint, which is pretty standard, but in the busy periods of racing that can extend to a few months. It’s well worth the wait though.

Look, I can go on and tell you about how he does it, how he will even design the lid for you if you’ve just got an idea of colours and nothing else, how cool it is to have your own design and all that – but I won’t. What I will say is this; Richart Concepts are achingly cool and if you’ve ever fancied a painted lid give this guy a shout first. I always do.

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Richart helmet paint review 002

Tony Carter

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