The RAC has sent us a pre-ride checklist of the eight things the company believes every biker should look at before  a ride:

  1. Check our tyre pressures.
  2. Look for any potentially dangerous wear and tear, cracks, dents or objects stuck in the rubber.
  3. Check your controls are lubricated and working correctly.
  4. Make sure none of your bike’s cables are frayed or kinked.
  5. Check that the throttle doesn’t stick when released and moves easily.
  6. Make sure your lights are working, and replace any damaged lenses.
  7. Check fluid levels, and inspect for leaks.
  8. Check the chassis for signs of corrosion or cracks / damage.

We’ve got two more to add – 9: Check your mirrors are set up before rolling off, and 10: Check your attitude: Don’t ride with the red mist! The IAM has a system – ‘MPOWDERY checks’: Mirrors, Petrol, Oil, Water, Damage and drive train, Electrics, Rubber, You. Read about Carli’s experiences of advanced riding here.

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So… how many of us honestly check our bikes properly?! And is there anything else you think we should all check before turning the key?

For more riding advice go to: RAC Motorbike Insurance.