R&G Sidestand shoe review 004

R&G Kickstand Shoe review

Name: Graham Mudd From: Bedfordshire Riding for: 17 years


Price paid for it: I was sent it to review for MoreBikes in September 2014. Normally costs £29

What type of riding do you do:  I ride all year round in all weather. I like to ride a bit of everything from motorway to byway with the odd track day thrown in for good measure, all on my trusty Kawasaki Versys workhorse.

Tell us about it: I think many of us have been there – either on a mate’s front lawn or at BSB at Donnington Park – it’s a bit wet and when you get back to your bike it’s laying on its side as the sidestand has sunk into the ground. I’ve had it a few times when greenlaning… taking a break and while sat having a cuppa from the flask I hear that dull “crump” of the bike falling over. You never can find that puck from last year’s Motorcycle Live!

R&G Sidestand shoe review 001

Without the R&G Sidestand shoe, this happened!

This R&G Sidestand Shoe is designed to stop that. It simply bolts over your existing sidestand foot to drastically increase the surface area of the stand, which prevents it from sinking into soft ground. It takes seconds to fit and is really simple – just a case of slipping the plate over the stand, putting the stand into the shoe and fixing the plate to the shoe with the included bolts. No modifications needed, and most makes and models are covered. It’s made of high grade stainless steel, and doesn’t noticibly affect the height of the stand.



For simplicity and effectiveness you really can’t go wrong and my bike hasn’t fallen over since (and she’s been parked on some seriously boggy ground out on the lanes). When you consider how expensive a fall of a tall heavy adventure bike or sportsbike with all its bodywork could be, this seems like a cost-effective solution!

Give us three good points: Simple; easy to fit; effective

And three bad ones: none

More info: www.rg-racing.com


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With the R&G Sidestand shoe in place, the weight is spread enough to stop the bike falling over

With the R&G Sidestand shoe in place, the weight is spread enough to stop the bike falling over

Tony Carter

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