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The Yamaha MT-09 Tracer carries the 847cc three-cylinder engine making 115bhp@10,000rpm and 65lb-ft@8500rpm. ABS and switchable traction control are fitted as standard, with the bike intended to combine exciting handling with touring practicality. The aluminium handlebars can be adjusted forwards or backwards, and the seat has two height levels. The screen is also adjustable, and the bike comes with an 18litre tank (good for a claimed 186miles), hand guards and revised selectable Drive-Modes for a smoother throttle response. Wet weight is 210kg.

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Revealing the two souls of the Dark Side

The highly successful Yamaha MT family continues to grow from strength to strength with the launch of the new Yamaha MT-09 Tracer. This stylish and well-equipped multi-role model delivers thrilling triple cylinder performance combined with new long distance capabilities.

Benefitting from sharp-looking aerodynamic bodywork and featuring an adjustable riding position as well as switchable traction control, ABS and revised D-MODE settings, the MT-09 Tracer is designed to add a versatile and exciting new dimension to the MT family.

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Edgy and aggressive image

To underline its genuine multi-role potential, this edgy and aggressive looking motorcycle comes fully equipped with a multi-layered twin headlight cowling that benefit from an adjustable windscreen. The beautifully sculpted large capacity 18-litre fuel tank integrates harmoniously with the side mounted air intakes – and with its adjustable riding position this new breed of sporty all rounder can be adapted to suit individual preferences.

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Excitement with practicality

The first MT-09 instantly established a reputation for its ability to awaken the passion and emotion in every rider’s soul – and with its enhanced long distance abilities and refined riding comfort for two, the new MT-09 Tracer builds on the formidable strengths of this ground-breaking concept. By creating a motorcycle that combines adrenaline charged excitement with daily practicality and continent-crossing ability, Yamaha have revealed the two souls of the Dark Side.

The original MT-09 marked the beginning of an exciting new era for Yamaha, and by further increasing the options offered by the highly successful MT concept, the new Tracer is ready to attract even more riders to the unique and thrilling riding experience that the MT family of motorcycles has to offer.


Upright and adjustable riding position

Adjustability is a key theme on the MT-09 Tracer, and the rider is able to select from a range of seating positions as well as engine running modes, screen heights and suspension settings to suit their individual preferences. The tapered aluminium handlebars can be adjusted forwards or rearwards by reversing the position of the mounting bracket, and the separate rider’s seat can be set at two different heights to suit the rider’s physique and individual preferences.


Aerodynamic sports cowling with adjustable screen

For added wind protection and increased long distance riding comfort the new Tracer is equipped with a newly designed cowling featuring a layered structure that is designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency whilst also reducing wind noise. This attractive and effective new cowling is fitted with a height-adjustable windscreen that can set – without the use of tools – at three different heights, each of them 15mm apart. For added rider protection and comfort the MT-09 Tracer also features new aerodynamic hand guards.


Long range 18-litre fuel tank

To underline the MT-09 Tracer’s genuine multi-use character it is fitted with a large capacity 18-litre fuel tank that is 4 litres larger than the design used on the other MT-09 models. This added fuel capacity – combined with the high fuel efficiency of the 850cc 3-cylinder crossplane concept engine – is designed to give in excess of 300km between refills, giving the new Tracer an impressive range that underlines its serious continent crossing abilities.

Together with the new cowling, the large capacity fuel tank is designed to accentuate the bike’s mass forward image, and the knee indents combined with the bike’s slim centre section give improved comfort and increase the feeling of rider/machine unity that characterizes the whole MT range.


850cc 3-cylinder Crossplane Concept engine

The 850cc 3-cylinder Crossplane Concept engine that powers the new Tracer was first unleashed into the biking world on the original MT-09 in late 2013, and within a very short time this innovative engine has established a reputation for its thrilling acceleration and strong linear torque.

Benefitting from the very latest technology that includes fracture split con rods, forged pistons and offset cylinders, this compact and lightweight engine is the potent driving force that has helped to establish the MT-09 and its derivatives as some of today’s most exciting and rewarding motorcycles.


Switchable Traction Control System (TCS)

The new Tracer features a Traction Control System (TCS) as standard equipment, underlining its class-leading specification. This electronic system prevents the rear wheel from spinning by momentarily cutting power to the drivetrain, giving added confidence when riding on slippery or loose surfaces. An important feature is that the system is fully switchable, allowing the rider to turn the system on or off to suit individual preferences.


Tracer-specific D-MODE settings

In order to enable the rider to select an engine running mode that best suits their requirements, the MT-09 Tracer is equipped with D-MODE that offers three power character options. The settings used on the new Tracer have been developed specifically for this new model, and give a smooth throttle response that is suited to its multi role capabilities – from sports riding through to touring and general daily use. In addition, the Tracer also features our proven YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) that ensures instant and accurate response to rider inputs.


Light and easy handling character

The new Tracer features the same compact and lightweight CF-aluminium die cast frame that is also used on the original MT-09. With its low weight and controlled balance of rigidity, this agile and responsive chassis delivers outstanding handling performance.

A key design element of this frame is its ultra-slim centre section that has been achieved by mounting the swingarm pivot assembly on the outside of the structure. This has enabled our designers to minimize chassis width at the footrest area to give a greater feeling of controllability and enhanced rider comfort.


All new LED twin headlights

The MT-09 Tracer is equipped with innovative new twin LED headlights that feature LEDs built into the reflector lenses, and for added convenience the headlights can be adjusted without any tools. Both low and high beams use this technology to produces a sharp and energy efficient light, and the daytime running lights are also low energy LEDs. Located within individual nacelles, these hi-tech twin headlights give the Tracer a unique and distinctive appearance that projects a forceful and aggressive image on the street.


Multi function dot matrix instruments

The Tracer benefits from the very latest multi dot instruments that have been designed to display all data in a clear and easy to read style. The left screen accommodates a bar-type tachometer and a digital speedometer, while the right screen features various machine running information – and also includes several other functions such as a temperature setting display for the Yamaha Genuine heated grips that are available as an accessory. For increased convenience the display can be customized to suit the owner’s preferences and priorities.


Tracer-specific touring oriented features

The MT-09 Tracer is equipped with ABS as standard, and to underline its genuine touring, commuting and long distance potential, this new multi-role triple benefits from a range of exclusive new features, including the use of touring tyres (front: 120/70ZR17; rear: 180/55ZR17), as well as the fitment of a standard main stand.


Genuine Accessories

A full range of Performance and Touring accessories will be available with the new Tracer, including the Yamaha Genuine side cases that will easily fit into the integrated mounting points on the rear frame, allowing the rider to quickly mount whichever luggage is best suited to any particular journey, from commuting to touring.



 Matt Grey

 Lava Red

 Race Blu



From March onwards

MT-09 Tracer Highlights


 847cc 3-cylinder Crossplane Concept engine

 D-MODE running mode selection with three Tracer-specific settings

 Y-CCT (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle)

 Switchable TCS (Traction Control System) fitted as standard equipment

 Light, compact and slim aluminium frame

 190kg dry weight / 210kg wet weight


Electronics and instrumentation

 Multifunction dot matrix instrument panel

 Standard 12V outlet



 Aerodynamic cowling with layered-design

 3-position height adjustable windscreen

 New LED twin headlights

 Twin floating 298mm front disc brakes with radial mount calipers

 Fitted with ABS as standard equipment

 Adjustable 41mm upside down forks

 Adjustable link-type Monocross rear suspension

 Upright riding position with height adjustable rider’s seat

 Adjustable handlebar position to suit individual rider preferences

 Large-capacity 18-litre fuel tank gives extended riding range

 Lightweight 17-inch wheels fitted with touring tyres

 Main stand fitted as standard




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