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Name: Graham Mudd From: Bedfordshire Riding for: 17 Years

Price paid for it: Costs £62.49, received 23rd September 2014


What type of riding do you do:  I ride my trusty Kawasaki Versys workhorse all year round in all weather. I ride the full spectrum from motorways to byways, including the occasional track day.

Why did you buy it? Was supplied for review by MoreBikes.co.uk

Tell us about it: It can happen at any time. A stone either flicked up off your front wheel or from the car in front punctures your radiator and you’re left both stranded, and with the prospect of an expensive repair.
I go greenlaning on my Versys and the front of the bike – even with a fender extender fitted – takes a real plastering from mud, stones and debris making the possibility even more likely (and being off-road in the middle of nowhere makes the prospect of a blown radiator even worse).
Fitting the R&G Adventure radiator guard gives you peace-of-mind over such affairs. Constructed from 1mm laser-cut stainless steel, it’s a rugged bit of kit that bolts directly over your radiator using the existing mounts, making it really quick and simple to fit.


R&G radiator guard 003


Damage that occurred before fitting the R&G radiator guard

Damage that occurred before fitting the R&G radiator guard


R&G also offers a cheaper aluminium mesh item for road-based use, but this higher spec guard is designed to resist the rigours of off-road abuse too, and it has performed flawlessly so far. Riding along, I can hear the stones clonking away at the front of the bike, and the guard has completely protected the radiator.
Some other fancy-looking radiator guards can be a bit “fashion before function” as I’ve found they can restrict the airflow to the radiator, making the bike run hot when off-road or on long motorway jaunts. Since fitting the R&G radiator guard I’ve tried to get my Versys to cook in both ways to no avail – testament to it’s design.
A good, solid, well-specced radiator guard. I recommend it thoroughly if you want/need more robust protection for the cooling system on your adventure bike.

Three good points Solid, quality construction; Doesn’t restrict airflow to the radiator; Quick and easy to fit

Three bad points None

More info: www.rg-racing.com

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