I’ve just received an email from Pere László. He’s pretty excited at the idea of having designed what he describes as the world’s safest two-wheel roadster.

Pere is hoping the crowd-funding website indigogo will raise the $40,000 he needs to build the first prototype machine, before encouraging investors to get onboard.


Using his experience in sheet metal production, he believes the future lies in sitting within the bike on a Recaro car seat, strapped in with a belt and airbag for protection.

His page talks of his fear of death on a motorcycle, but I’m not sure this design will help that. What do you think, and please keep it constructive; everyone has a dream, or a goal, and there could be something in Pere’s idea for motorcycle safety that might encourage some drivers away from their space-consuming lumps. Personally, I think the bike looks too long, and while there’s no denying that something like this could potentially save some injuries, I wonder if it could have its own disadvantages in a collision too.

You can see Pere’s idea here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-s-perebike-the-safest-two-wheel-roadster


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Tony Carter

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