Motorcycle Airbag suppliers MotoAirBag has an important petition on its stand at the NEC Motorcycle Live show.

Despite having BS EN compliance, safety-tested and rated clothing for motorcyclists attracts full rate VAT. This tax deters motorcyclists from investing in products that may save their life, or reduce the severity of an accident.


Motorcycle helmets that meet 25-year-old standards are VAT-free but the latest inflatable safety over-jackets that meet standards established in 2013 are not.

MotoAirBag tells us that HMRC simply states that its formal instruction in Public Notice 701/23 does not to allow a dispensation.
The company’s petition is for this notice to be quickly amended to reflect product developments, and to seek to reduce the physical and public cost of motorcycle accidents and fatalities (each motoring fatality is calculated as costing £1,780,000).

Sign the petition at the show, or online here:


To help promote this, MotoAirBag is offering 20% off its airbag vests. The only airbags with full EU safety certification, each vest is hand built using over 100 components, and is claimed to have the fastest inflation time of any airbag.

We’d like to say that we tested the airbag at the show in the interests of research but if we’re honest, it was to give long-suffering advertising team leader Richard Sinclair a wallop with a baseball bat. He’s a top bloke, and doesn’t deserve it, but the opportunity was there, so we took it…


Tony Carter

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