Muc-Off Dry Shower review | Tested by: Carli Ann Smith | RRP: £3 for 50ml and £7 for 200ml | or call 01993 862300

If you’ve been for a ride – whether on road or off road – you can often feel like you want to jump in the shower and have a good wash. However, if you can’t get to a shower or you just want to freshen up quickly then Muc-Off Dry Shower is a good alternative.


It’s been specifically formulated to kill odour-causing bacteria and germs, and comes out of the pump bottle as a foam that you simply spread onto your skin. It dries quickly and leaves you feeling cool and refreshed (and it’s got a lovely coconut smell, which is suitable for men and women). There are two sizes of bottle available – 50ml and 200ml – the smaller one will fit in a pocket and the larger one is good to leave in the van or carry in a rucksack.

It’s not just useful for when you’ve been on the bike either – it can be used when camping, hiking or going to festivals. I tried putting loads on my arm to check whether it would cause any irritation but it didn’t, and you can rest assured that it’s been dermatologically tested. Just bear in mind that when other people realise how good it is, you may find your bottle mysteriously goes down quite quickly…

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