Young British adventure motorcyclist Rhys Lawrey, AKA 2moroRider, is approaching the half-way mark in his 50,000-mile round-the-world trip on a Triumph Tiger 800XC called ‘Tigger’. You might think that you need a lot of luggage for a year-long journey across 75 countries and six continents, but Rhys likes to travel light. Here’s how he does it….



There are basically three pieces of luggage that I use; panniers, a waterproof roll bag and a small tank bag. That’s it – keep it simple!

The main item is a pair of Metal Mule MAX panniers – one 38L and one 31, to balance the bike. On my left while riding is the 38L Metal Mule pannier and inside that is a Kreiga inner bag, which carries all my personal items, such as;

  • Off the bike shoes.
  • A ‘going out’ smart Barbour shirt.
  • 4 pairs of socks/undies.
  • 3 casual/polo shirts
  • 2 Cotswold merino wool riding shirts (one I wear while riding, the other is in Kriga bag)

Here’s a top tip; When staying at motels/hotels take the small soaps and shampoos with you. They’re nice and small and you can use them to wash yourself or your clothes.


On my right hand side is the slightly smaller 31L Metal Mule pannier. It’s the same side as the Arrow Exhaust, which is a Triumph accessory upgrade, and saves up to 4 kg. This pannier is what I call my accessory/tool box, containing such items as;

  • Laptop
  • Documents, maps, etc
  • Spare parts
  • Tools, tyre pump kit, spanners, cable ties, rags
  • Oils, including Scottoiler top up and WD-40
  • GoPro camera accessories and equipment.
  • Spare pair of riding gloves
  • Snacks – riders need fuel too!

I also fitted the Metal Mule Rear Rack, which gives me the freedom to tie down a bag on the back. I chose the Triumph Dry Roll Bag. It’s waterproof and I use for stuff I don’t need very often, like camping gear. Starting from the bottom, it carries;

  • Tent, sleeping bag and small blow up mattress from Cotswold.
  • Towel, head light, coffee mug, plastic knife and fork.
  • Spare tubes
  • Back up food supply – Cotwold’s breakfast bags and high energy protein nut bars
  • Extra merino wool clothing for those REALLY cold times – leggings and under layers.
  • Any souvenirs I collect along the way.

The only other bag I carry is my Triumph Adventure Tank Bag. It’s where I stash all my most used items and valuables, such as;

  • Hat, sun screen, insect spray, sunnies, lip balm
  • Garmin GPS.
  • GoPro Cameras and ‘Use the most’ accessories
  • Current map, pens & a small note book.
  • And finally, toilet paper. Never leave home without it!

Then, just on top of my 38L Metal Mule pannier, is a lightweight small tripod. That’s it.

I don’t like to carry too much as weight can wear down the bike. I like to think of the old school adventurers like Marco Polo, riding his camel along the Silk Road. Well ‘Tigger’ is my Camel. So I try feed her well with the best fuel and don’t go overboard on luggage.

Heck there’s even room on my pillion seat for one of the locals. if you know what I mean!

Follow Rhys at www.2mororider.com


Tony Carter

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