Oxford Product’s new motorcycle tracker, priced at £199.99, is self-contained, totally waterproof and powered by a lithium battery with up to a 10 year life expectancy (or up to 14,000 tracked positions). It’s claimed to be completely hassle-free, with no wiring or charging required.

Simply conceal the portable GPS tracking system on your motorcycle and you will be able to pinpoint your machine’s location via the tracker app – 24 hours a day, seven days a week and from anywhere in the world with a mobile network.



The system can easily be transferred between any vehicle too, so should you change bikes, simply swap it over. You can also have multiple trackers on one account, – handy if you have more than one bike.

The tracker has four modes:

  • Sleep mode is the default mode that provides a trackable location after the tracker has been still for five minutes. New locations are only provided if the tracker is moved to a new location.
  • Live mode means you receive a new position every five minutes, providing the tracker is moving.
  • Geofence mode places a geographic area around the tracker. If moved beyond this area, you automatically receive an email message about the movement. You will receive a new position every five minutes providing the tracker is still moving. It will show a track bearing line from the geofence area to the new location.
  • Alarm mode. If you want to report it stolen, you can do so by activating the alarm button and entering your password. Your secure mark, which is always included, will now be shown stolen in the system.


As well as the one-off purchase price for the unit, there’s an on-going subscription cost starting from just £3 a month.

Depending on where you would like to place the unit, there are different options available from Oxford: The Tracker (EL120) priced at £199.99, the Tracker Spy (EL121) costs £219.99 and has a strong magnet attached to ti, and the Oxford Tracker External (EL122) which has a small GPS wire sticking out so can be placed in a tube and still receive GPS signal for £239.99.


There’s a two year warranty as standard, but there’s the option to purchase a ‘tracker for life’ warranty at point of subscription too.

For more information, visit, email or call 01993 862300.


Tony Carter

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