Norton Motorcycles has issued its first official statement outlining the company’s stance on the customer deposits received during the previous owners reign.

Norton releases OFFICIAL statement about customer deposits

Norton’s new parent company TVS has got some work to do to rebuild the reputation of the iconic British brand. It’s being proactive though, as it attempts to right the wrongs of the previous ownership.


Speaking on behalf of the company, interim CEO, John Russell said: “Together with our parent company, TVS Motor Company, Norton appreciates the great importance of this need to look after customers who placed deposits on orders that are as yet unfulfilled despite there being no legal obligation to do so. In this initial stage of Norton’s rebuilding phase, with the powerful backing and support of TVS, the most important ongoing commitment we face is to address all open orders. We are doing our utmost to ensure all our valued customers involved can reach a positive outcome as we work to satisfy everyone providing any balance outstanding after the deposit is taken into account is paid by the customer.”

Fair play to TVS Motors for stepping up to take on the responsibility – let’s hope this is another sign that Norton’s in a set of safe hands. We’re excited to see what comes next from the resurgent brand.

Ross Mowbray

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