Here at MoreBikes we’re huge fans of the Police BikeSafe course. Now before you click off, thinking “That’s not for me, it’ll be boring and I don’t want a copper following me around”, check out Carli’s feature here.

Having both been on the course, I can honestly say it’s a LOT of fun, hugely rewarding and potentially a lifesaver.


It’s that last word that turns a lot of people off, conjuring up images of a Police officer standing in a classroom, preaching to everyone to ride more slowly. I’ve said it before, and I’ll be saying it for a long time… IT. IS. NOT. LIKE. THAT.

Each Police force that runs the BikeSafe courses has their own price and structure, but generally it’ll cost about £45 for one or two days. Carli and I joined Cambridgeshire Police for a two-day course – a day in the classroom and a few hours out on the road.



The class session is hosted by real biking Police officers – these guys are on our side, and genuinely want to show you how to get around corners more safely, and how to read the road for potential hazards. Out on the ride, the feeling of accelerating hard, and ‘making progress’ with a fully-marked Police bike behind you is brilliant. You will not get ‘knicked’ on one of these courses – you’re asked to ride as you normally would, and given tips to help you be safer.

Carli got top marks, but my score was knocked down thanks to mis-reading the road and barreling way too fast into an S-bend. The constable and I laughed about it afterwards, as you would with any mate you were out for a ride with, but this time I got some really useful tips on how to avoid making the same – potentially dangerous – mistake again.

Neither Carli or I felt belittled, preached-to, or bored. We both took a huge amount away from it. Carli went on to take, and pass her IAM test, and I’m planing on going to another BikeSafe this year with a couple of new-rider mates. If I’m honest, I just want the fun of a blast with a Police bike on my tail again – the look of horror on the driver’s and rider’s faces coming the other way was worth it alone: “Doesn’t he know there’s a copper behind him?!”.


Whatever your level of experience, a BikeSafe course is well worth the time. Grab a few mates and get booked now at Cambridgeshire Police are taking bookings now for Saturday April 18 and Saturday May 16 – if it’s your local force, I might see you there.


Tony Carter

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