Parisian motorcyclists have once again undertaken a mass protest against anti-biking legislation.

Paris Council proposes banning two-wheeled vehicles registered before 2000, with similar bans on other older vehicles.  According to French motorcycle groups, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to ban all motorcycles built before 2015 in 2020!

The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC), one of France’s largest and most active motorcyclist rights lobby groups, organised the protest. The FFMC said in a statement “Because of low fuel consumption, reduced size, mobility and shorter journey times, they [motorcycles] are a solution to the congestion of urban traffic and of value in the fight against pollution” adding “While other European cities have, quite logically, not included motorised two wheelers in this restriction, Paris still wants to penalise users whose negative impact in terms of pollution is marginal.”


Hundreds of motorcyclists entered the French capital, blocking the streets in a show of strength, many carrying banners declaring ‘Je suis biker’ or ‘Je suis motard’.

Tony Carter

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