Roadskin Ladies Paranoid Rain jeans review | £99 | www.grinfactor.com / 01288 275002 | Tested by Helen Milbank

I want to feel safe on the bike, but when husband/editor John and I nip out for a quick ride while our daughter’s at school, I don’t always want to tog up in my full textile riding kit – especially in the warmer weather.


These dark blue Paranoid Rain jeans are cut specifically for ladies, with a snug, figure-hugging fit. More importantly they’re fully lined with 320gsm DuPont Kevlar (a heat, abrasion, tear and cut-resistant para-aramid). I don’t intend to fall off the bike, but if I did, it’s nice to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about how I land – I’ve never liked the look of part-lined trousers that can leave areas like your thighs exposed if you slide on your front. That layer of knitted Kevlar does of course add some bulk to the jeans – your legs look slightly larger than with fashion jeans on – but for the superb protection offered, it’s a price I’m more than willing to pay. Even with armour in, the Roadskins look better at the bar than a pair of textile trousers, yet they offer a very high level of protection by being lined with the same material used by the police and military around the world.


The Roadskin’s construction means that not only are your legs completely protected in the event of a crash, the full coverage of the Kevlar also reinforces the denim, so they can’t be ripped open like some part-lined jeans.


The denim is treated with a water-resistant coating that shrugs off a shower (the coating is still going strong even after being through the wash), and the soft, slightly stretchy material keep the armour and Kevlar pulled securely against your flesh. Personally, I’d have preferred to have the armour fitted between the Kevlar and the denim, rather than between my legs and the Kevlar as it’d make them that fraction easier to put on.

At £99 (plus £20 for CE-approved knee and hip armour), this is some great value protection. Comfortable, convenient and safe: I wouldn’t ride without my Roadskins.


Tony Carter

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