Recent research instigated by Carole Nash found that motorcyclists’ knowledge of road safety is almost twice as good as that of car drivers. To reflect that, the specialist brokers has now launched a new car insurance policy entitled ‘Bikers Only’.

A poll of 3,000 people highlighted that more than 60 per cent of riders know what the safe stopping distance is in rainy conditions at 30mph – 150 feet – compared to 34 per cent of motorists.


Those on two wheels were also much better at recognising road signs. Two-thirds of motorcyclists (67 per cent) were able to correctly identify the sign for the end of a dual carriageway, whereas just 37 per cent of drivers got the answer right. Given 12 road signs to identify, car drivers finished second behind riders in eight categories.

Starting from the premise that motorcyclists need by necessity to be more aware of road hazards and therefore make more alert and safer road users, Carole Nash is now guaranteeing not simply to match, but to beat, bikers’ car insurance renewal quotes (Terms and Conditions, plus minimum premium and age restrictions apply. Call for details or visit

Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing for Carole Nash, said: “One of the reasons motorcyclists score so highly is they have to have their wits about them at all times. It’s an exhilarating way to travel but it can also be dangerous unless you are aware of everything around you and the rules of the road.”


Safety and Training Director for the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), Karen Cole, commented: “This also adds to a growing body of evidence which substantiates something riders have known for years – that those who’ve ridden or ride a motorcycle make better car drivers.” 

Open to any biker aged between 35-75 who holds both a full bike and car licence, irrespective of whether they own a bike, “Bikers Only Car Insurance” is Carole Nash’s latest biker-centric offer. For full details and to get a quote, call 0800 144 4622 or visit


Tony Carter

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