Sidi ST boots review | £275 | www.sidiselect.co.uk / 01384 413841 | Reviewed by John Milbank

If you want a pair of boots that are quick to throw on, and easy to walk around town in, then the STs aren’t for you. If, however, you want to give your feet, ankles, shins and calves a very high level of protection, particularly on track, then it’s a very different matter.


The entire rear of the Sidis opens up to allow your foot to slip into the snug (but comfortable – I have fairly wide feet, and never have a problem with Sidi), Teflon mesh-lined inner. The side then zips up, with a large Velcro panel at the top. After that, the rear rotates into place, secured by two ratchet-equipped buckles.

014_Sidi-ST-boots-3 Sidi-ST-boots-12 Sidi-ST-boots-11

It’s the ratchets that help to make the STs so secure – the adjustability means that regardless of the thickness of your leathers or trousers (or your calf muscles), the tough protective plates at the front and rear are kept snug against your limbs.


This fit does mean that you wouldn’t want to spend the day walking around in them, but it’s not a problem when you’re stopped at a café, or walking about in the holding area on a track day. A vent on the outer side of the boot offers additional airflow, though not to the point that you notice a breeze, and the toe-sliders are easily replaceable, costing just £6.99.

Sidi-ST-boots-4 Sidi-ST-boots-14

While writing this review I noticed a shock-absorbing heel plate was hanging off one side, with the screw ground away. It took me a while to realise that this was the result of four crashes while racing supermoto pit-bikes. The boots protected my feet and lower legs perfectly, and it’s good to know that the screws and plates are easily replaceable (I just got off the phone to the very helpful customer services team).


Other than the crash damage, after a year of use the only real signs of wear are the scuffed toes – I tend to drag them when walking, and it shows on all my boots, leather or synthetic. Oh, and they still don’t smell.

With jeans over the outside (not really what the boots are designed for), the top of the Velcro can be a little scratchy at one tiny point, but I can’t say it too many times – these are a performance pair of sports boots, and what I wear whenever I’m in leathers or on the track.

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Tony Carter

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