MotoGroom helmet sanitizers review | £9.95 | www.motogroom.com | Reviewed by John Milbank

After a sweaty summer’s ride, your expensive helmet can seem the last place you want to pop your head. Freshening it up can mean running it under the shower, but that potentially means days of drying.


MotoGroom’s natural sanitizers are intended to be sprayed regularly, and claim to keep your helmet’s interior fresh through its use of 12 essential oils and natural alcohol. Pop open your visor, then spray the interior until it’s wet. I found it’s best to do it before you go to bed, to give it a chance to dry properly – if you spray it before your ride, the smell can be a bit strong, and the alcohol wont have evaporated off.

I found both ‘flavours’ – Touring, with its Lime and Siciliam blood orange, and Citrus Groves, with its citrus fruits and woods – to have a similar, ‘posh cologne’ scent, but if I had to choose, I’d say Citrus Groves was my favourite. While you need to get your lining wet, this still requires very little of the spray, and my Schuberth C3 Pro certainly smelt a lot fresher after I’d treated it.

MotoGroom claims the sprays prevent microbial build-up, so being a geek, I thought I’d put it to the test. In a very un-scientific test involving agar powder, water and beef-stock, I made up two petri-dishes. Before spraying one with MotoGroom and sealing them up, I covered them with various ablutions. I won’t go into details, but it wasn’t pretty. After a couple of days in the airing cupboard, my poor-man’s lab had revealed a definite reduction in the bacteria growing on the MotoGroom plate.


MotoGroom-7 MotoGroom-6

If you’ve ridden through a year of hot summer and grimy winter, your lid could still need a serious wash, though fortunately MotoGroom will soon be releasing a brilliant helmet dryer for when you do need to run it under the shower, or quickly clear the sweat from a long day. As a way of freshening up a helmet that’s off its best, this is a very effective option. Now if only they sold it in ‘New Helmet’ fragrance.

Tony Carter

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