Mark Williams, the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, is the 40th MP to join the Motorcycle Action Group.

Mr Williams, an energetic supporter of riders’ rights, is eager to enable local citizens to enjoy the many advantages of motorcycles and scooters. He said: “I’ve enjoyed a great interaction with MAG for a long time. They’ve explained the economic, environmental and congestion-reducing elements of riding.


“As Ceredigion’s representative, I recognise the particular value of bikes and scooters for thousands of people in a rural area such as this. It’s the solution to the travelling needs of many citizens, and I’m delighted to play my part in the promotion of responsible, intelligent use of motorcycles as this part of the travel mix in our area.”

Ian Williamson of MAG added his welcome to Mark Williams’ membership and said: “We’ve always had a good working relationship with Mark. It seems natural that he is now a member, and we’re more

than willing to support him in the work he already does – and will do – for bikers and scooter users in Ceredigion. MAG pursues a strategy of working with MPs for positive outcomes which make sense for everyone – by which I mean riders, road users and policy makers. We invite all riders in the region to follow Mr Williams’ excellent example.’


The recruitment of the 40th Member of Parliament confirms the reality that the last twelve months has been one of the most successful years on record. Commenting on MAG’s phenomenal success Director of Communications and Public Affairs Lembit Opik said:

“MAG’s philosophy resonates across the political spectrum with MPs of all parties. MAG is egalitarian, open, democratic and aims to preserve and enhance the democratic values and freedoms which are valued by the vast majority in wider UK society. It encourages citizens to participate in the political process at a local, national and international level. At an individual level MAG Members believe in personal responsibility, in meeting their obligations to society and in free, competitive, efficient and transparent markets. Left right and centre can identify with MAG’s values as being the values of the vast majority of the UK population whether they ride motorcycles or not. The fact that so many MPs from different parties are able to come together in MAG is great news for everyone, not just bikers, because it shows that freedom and libertarianism are once again being recognised as the philosophy and values central to UK society.”



What is MAG?

Formed in 1973 MAG is a civil rights and consumers organisation working to promote motorcycling in all its forms and to influence political decision making and social attitudes for the benefit of motorcyclists and motorcycling. MAG Members believe in and accept personal responsibility and aim to play a positive and constructive part in society. MAG treats all members equally regardless of race, gender, creed, colour or other distinction and runs its affairs in an open and democratic fashion, seeking to preserve and enhance the democratic values and freedoms of the wider society of which it is a part.

Tony Carter

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