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When I bought my CBR600 it was 13 years old; the exhaust system was useless. Honda had seen fit to use a lovely stainless steel end-can, but plain steel down-pipes that rotted away, leaving holes in the collector. A genuine replacement costs £540, and second-hand ones are mostly a waste of time – this style of system was only built in 2000 and 2001, so all I could find on eBay was as rotten as I already had.


Removed whilst working on the bike, the Motad still looks great


A Motad stainless steel exhaust is carefully built by hand in the Midlands. Having been to the factory, I know the care and passion the team puts into its products, and unlike some cheaper alternatives, the Motad is made of top-quality stainless steel, carefully designed to flow as closely as possible to the original by including tricky-to-install baffles inside the collectors, and balance pipes on the down-tubes.



While the system is very close to the original, fitting isn’t quite as simple – you need to fit all the bolts loosely, tightening at the finish to settle everything into place. I had a small problem with mine, but this was sorted very quickly; not because I work for MCM, but because the staff cares so much about its product… something proven by many other happy customers. The design has since been tweaked slightly in the company’s ever-evolving product development.

For a replacement part to be cheaper than the original is great, for it to also promise to last a lifetime is brilliant. If you own a bike with rusting pipes like mine, there’s only one real solution – a Motad stainless steel exhaust.




Tony Carter

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