John L Matthews, film maker and director behind the critically acclaimed ITV film ‘Joey Dunlop – The Man Who Conquered the TT’, is launching a brand new TV show ‘Speed on a Shoestring’, hosted by TV pundit and former champion Jamie Whitham and British Superbike racer Jenny Tinmouth.

Bigger Picture decided to launch the new show immediately after the Joey Dunlop film is shown on TV. ‘A lot of people will see the Joey film so what better time for them to watch our brand new series and see our new material?’

‘I’m very excited about this new venture as it puts us directly in contact with our own audience. I’m a keen motorcyclist myself doing some competing on classic bikes. This is a programme for motorcyclists made by motorcyclists, and you can tell. Jamie just loves all things bike…’ says John.


Jamie said ‘What I like about the show is we can do whatever we want, and we are free to have fun. I like working with these guys and they make excellent films. You can already see it’s going to be very popular’.

‘As you will see I have had direct experience of the extreme skill of Jamie Whitham’s riding – he is a talented rider, a brilliant presenter and a lot of fun to work with. We have shot about three films so far…whilst the Joey Dunlop story ends in tragedy, our new programme is entirely happy – the premise is having fun on bikes on the cheap – FUN is the focus of the whole thing. We are not shackled by any corporate agenda – we can do what the hell we like, which is very liberating!’

‘Speed on a Shoestring’ has been seed-funded by crowd funding. ‘What this means is ordinary people have put their hands in their pockets to have something made that they are genuinely interested in which makes this series quite unique. A lot of people have invested into this and you can feel the anticipation. Am extremely humbled by their generosity. We have been selling T-shirts, posters, stickers and party tickets to get this thing going and I have loved every minute of it so far.’


‘Joey – the Man Who Conquered the TT’ goes out on ITV4 on Tuesday June 9th at 10pm. Speed on a Shoestring launches immediately after on at 11pm.

If you want to contribute to the funding, have a look at the the Indiegogo page here.

Tony Carter

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